Questions & Answers


  • Unlike a large agency, I can choose what coding languages, libraries or frameworks suit the task at hand. Most agencies are very rigid with this. I start each project from scratch.

  • Absolutely not. Since I am just one person I have very little overhead. Plus my dedication comes from a passion for this job. I stay up to date in industry standards and best practices.

  • I started my journey into development when I was 13. I had over a decade of project management expereince and then wen to SAIT where I took the web developer course. On my final project I received an A-.

  • Depending on the exact scope of the project and the timeline of getting materials from the customer a basic static site should take less than 3 weeks. An Ecommerce site could take up 6 weeks.


  • My jamstack CDN is backed by Netlify, Cloudflare and Amazon. It is air tight. I am the only person who access to these accounts. My web server runs on standard protocols for web security and again I am the only person who has access to the panel. My email server is hosted by amazon and secured by amazon web services/.

  • A CDN and a traditional server are used for different types of projects. If we are building a static web site, which is what most companies need, then A CDN is best. For dynamic content and apps a traditional server is best.

  • Yes, in order to have your site viewable by the public, you need to have some form of hosting.

  • Can your CDN handle forms? Yes in-fact the LAMDA server handles forms perfectly. We can even handle abandoned forms as well use web hooks and handle spam

Seo and Social

  • SEO can very tricky and it could take months to start seeing results. This is time is on the search engines side.

  • This all depends on the product or service you are selling. Facebook has amazing ROI. Howver if you have a very visual product, Youtube is a great platform.

  • Yes! there are lots of way to increase your SEO score with out using the code. In early 2021, I will be introducing a free SEO platform for all of my customers who are under contract


  • Once the project has started you will receive an invite from the portal to set up your account at

  • Never! I love doing this job too much.

  • The only data that is stored is inside of the portal. You can go the privacy settings in the portal to delete or download your data.